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Carbaryl 4L Insecticide (Sevin SL), Loveland Products

Carbaryl 4L Insecticide is an effective adulticide against mosquitos and ticks and provides broad-spectrum control of more than 130 turf and ornamental pests.

Active Ingredient: Carbaryl 43.0%


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Malathion 5 EC Insecticide, Winfield

Malathion 5 EC 57% Malathion Insecticide provides effective control of flys, mosquitos, fleas, ticks and aphids.

Active Ingredient: Malathion 57%

Signal Word - WARNING / AVISO

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18-20 ULV Fogger Sprayer, London Fogger

18-20 ULV Fogger Sprayer, first manufactured in 1990 and has been very well received in the market place. The designation originated because this model utilizes a 18 HP engine, which enables application of insecticides at vehicle speeds up to 20 miles per hour. The 18-20 produces the correct particle size to meet all insecticide label requirements at vehicle speeds up to 20 miles per hour.

M.A.G. ULV Fogger Sprayer, London Fogger

M.A.G. ULV Fogger Sprayer is the ideal fogger to control insects and mosquitoes in a medium-sized indoor or outdoor area. This compact, light weight model is ideal for small communities with a limited budget.