Electric Aeration Systems

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Electric Aerators and Aeration Systems for Lakes and Ponds

Keeton Industries line of electrically powered pond aeration systems are the premier brand in the subsurface aeration market. For the last four decades, Keeton has strived to provide their customers with the best quality and value. Like the name suggests, theirr Quiet Line aeration systems are by far the quietest systems you can find anywhere.

KR Series -

Up to 4 Acres
Up to 4 Diffusers
Single Compressor

From $ 1,895.00

KR Series Spec Sheet 

DR Series -

Up to 8 Acres
Up to 8 Diffusers
Dual Compressors

From $ 3,820.00

DR Series Spec Sheet 

TR Series -

Up to 24 Acres
Up to 12 Diffusers
Triple Compressors

From $ 5,115.95

TR Series Spec Sheet 

QR Series -

Up to 32 Acres
Up to 16 Diffusers
Quad Compressors

From $ 7,125.00

QR Series Spec Sheet