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Aquatic Biological Products for Lakes and Ponds

A wide variety of chemicals and biological products are used to treat the water and sediment of ponds.

Problems like green water and floating scum are often caused by excess levels of nitrogen, phosphorous, and organic waste. Sunlight (UV light) can harm bacteria that would normally help reduce nutrients in the water. Adding biological water clarifiers, balancers and digesters can restore the required natural balance to your lake's or pond's biological system.

Using aquatic chemicals can make your pond clear but may harm fish and plants. Algaecides can upset your water's biology. Excessive or improper use of chemicals can be harmful to fish and aquatic invertebrates and a poor choice for the environment. Algaecides are the quick way to make your water clear, but not always the the preferred or safest way. Many knowledgeable aquatic professionals use biological clarifiers as their preferred lake or pond clarifier. Aquatic biological products consume excess nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous, and organic waste) without toxic chemicals. This makes your lake or pond clear safely and naturally.

Remember, algae problems take time to develop, so clarifying your water naturally with biological clarifiers and without chemicals can also take some time. Biological digesters speed the digestion of pond muck and naturally aid in cleaning up shorelines and digestion of dead plant materials.  Biological Insecticides like Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) can safely and effectively control mosquito and black fly larva in lakes, ponds, streams and standing water. 

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