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Aeration Systems, Algaecides, Biologicals, Herbicides, Insecticides and more for Streams, Rivers, Lakes and Ponds

Aquatic algaecides  for use around lakes, rivers,streams and recreational waterfrontsAquatic insecticides for park, municipal and golf lakes, reservoirs and pondsAquatic Herbicides and  products for agricultural, farm and  stock reservoirs, lakes and pondsAeration systems for marsh, salt ponds, bayous and inter-costal regions

Shoreline Aquatic Solutions provides innovative products and technologies to advance the science of water resource management.

Shoreline and, North America's leading distributors of aquatic algaecides, aquatic herbicides, biological clarifiers, aquatic surfactants, aquatic dyes, mosquito and black fly control products to aquatic professionals, municipalities, local, state and federal governmental agencies, lake and pond managers, ditch companies, golf courses and private waterfront owners.