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Aeration Systems, Algaecides, Biologicals, Herbicides, Insecticides and more for Streams, Rivers, Lakes and Ponds

Aquatic algaecides  for use around lakes, rivers,streams and recreational waterfrontsAquatic insecticides for park, municipal and golf lakes, reservoirs and pondsAquatic Herbicides and  products for agricultural, farm and  stock reservoirs, lakes and pondsAeration systems for marsh, salt ponds, bayous and inter-costal regions

Shoreline Aquatic Solutions provides innovative products and technologies to advance the science of water resource management.

Shoreline and, North America's leading distributors of aquatic algaecides, aquatic herbicides, biological clarifiers, aquatic surfactants and dyes to aquatic professionals, municipalities, local, state and federal governmental agencies, lake and pond managers, ditch companies, golf courses and private waterfront owners.

Responsible Product Use: Many of the products sold by Shoreline and carry varrying product use restrictions by federal, state and or locale. Product purchasers are responsible for determining the suitability and legality of the use of our manufacturers products in their state, locale or for their intended use.  Some of the products we distribute may not be registered for use or may be listed as a "RESTRICTED USE PESTICIDE" in your state or locale i.e. NY, WA and CA. Check to be sure a product or specific use pattern is approved in your state or area before purchase or subsequent product use. Check current product labeling or your local state agency for more information. Most current product labels are available by visiting the product manufacturers website or at . 

Shoreline Aquatic Solutions is pleased to announce it will now be distributing Keeton Industries complete line of Aerators, Aeration Systems and Aquatic Biologicals for 2016.
New Barley Straw Balers Coming Soon ! - Thursday, December 17, 2015
We are pleased to announce that Pursell Manufacturing and Shoreline Aquatic Solutions have entered into an agreement for Pursell to custom manufacture our new line of barley straw balers for use in the aquatic industry.